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Since early beginnings in February 2015 Astrospeakers has become the goto website where programme secretaries of astronomy societies and clubs find and contact suitable speakers for their meetings. Also, the general public and other interested parties use the website to locate astronomical societies to visit in their area .

We have certainly grown since those early days and there are now many astro speakers, professional lecturers and astronomical societies from all over the UK registered on the website. Recently we have expanded the website to include the entire world of astronomy speakers and societies and we look forward to continued worldwide growth in the coming months and years.

We are fortunate that there are many good amateur and professional astronomers who are willing to give their time to preparing and delivering quality talks to astronomy clubs, schools and the wider public. Astrospeakers are proud to be a small but important part in making the connection between those speakers and the astro societies.

Please continue to support us so that we can support you so and if you are an astro speaker in the UK who is not yet on Astrospeakers please click here to register now, or, if you are from outside the UK please click here.

Also, if you are an astronomical society or club in the UK who is not yet on Astrospeakers please click here to register now, or, if you are from outside the UK please click here.

We look forward to serving you,
Best regards,
Graham Winstanley and Glyn de Lacy


This is an excellent idea, long overdue and just what is needed for astronomy outreach. There has been a real gap in trying to connect those interested in giving talks/presentations etc with those who are looking for volunteers. I would encourage all those who regularly give talks to the public, societies and schools to sign-up to this excellent website. I saw it advertised in PA and I must try and get it publicised as much as possible. I’ve been banging on to the RAS for over a year now for them to sort out their outreach pages so that they can advertise potential speakers. Having a link to this page would be a great way forward as they’ve got information all over the place and it’s almost impossible to find. I’ve volunteered to set an example to my professional colleagues. 

Great job.
Professor Ian Robson
Director, Royal Observatory Edinburgh and Director, UK Astronomy


Andy Tuckwood, East Midlands Stargazers

love the site and a great idea. I can see me using this a lot.

I'm involved with a couple of groups, and also the thriving local astro community in the  Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire area.


Robert Christy (Artificial Satellite observer since 1960 and spaceflight expert)

What a brilliant idea - why has it taken so long for someone to think of it.

I think it's a fine idea.

Gary Poyner, Recurrent objects secretary, BAA VSS

---- is a great and useful venture. Please count me in!

Nik Szymanek, Deep sky imaging expert for Astronomy Now magazine


Thanks for the e-mail about the astro speakers web site. This is a really good idea for local societies.

Mike Foulkes, Director of BAA Saturn Section