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To register as a speaker or lecturer please use the form on this page and press the 'Send' button at the bottom when finished.

Most astro speakers and lecturers have their own websites and social media channels. We understand these are very important ways for you to communicate with astro societies, clubs and other organisations. For that reason we will include links to your Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels so please remember to include those details on the form. Also, please remember to check periodically that the information we have on our website is still accurate and current, if it's not then please use the same form to tell us what needs to be changed.

We make no charge for this service but we do require a donation, even if it's very small. These donations are the only funding we receive, they help cover our ongoing costs and they enable us to continue with this valuable facility.

Finally, thank you for using '', we would really appreciate a link back to us from your website and social media,
we are

Academic qualifications that you may wish to list
and a description of your speciality subjects.

Target Audience, eg astro societies, beginners, children, clubs, professionals, schools or all
The Map Areas to which you are willing to travel to give lectures. Click here for map and list the area numbers
Facilities you require, eg laptop, projector, projector screen and broadband etc.
Are you able to give talks by Zoom, MS Teams or Skype etc. Answer Yes or No
What are your lecture fees?
Use the following fields to list your website address and any social media channels you have that would be of interest to an astro society or club, if you don't have any just answer N/A
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