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Dr Jenifer Millard

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Barry / Barri, South Glamorgan, Wales

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Dr Jen is a keen outreach astronomer, podcaster and regular contributor to TV interviews!.

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Dr. Jenifer Millard, known as Dr. Jen, developed a fascination with the night sky at a young age. While most children played with toy cars, she saw them as objects to tinker with. As a child, she looked at the Moon through an old telescope and fell in love with the mysteries of the universe. This curiosity led her to pursue a Ph.D. in Astrophysics at Cardiff University, where she studied "The Stuff Between the Stars."

During her doctoral studies, Dr. Jen realised that her true passion lay in sharing her love of space with others. She now holds various roles that allow her to engage with the public and educate them about astronomy. As the Managing Editor of the "Sky Guide" App at Fifth Star Labs, she helps people explore the wonders of the night sky. She is also the writer and host of the popular "Awesome Astronomy" podcast and a science presenter for BBC1 Wales' "Weatherman Walking" series.

In addition to her media work, Dr. Jen actively participates in practical astronomy. She co-organises Astrocamp, a bi-annual star party where amateur astronomers gather to observe the cosmos and participate in various activities. She is the Honorary President of the Barry Astronomical Society and has been recognised as one of Cardiff University's 30ish Award Winners for 2022, acknowledging her contributions to the alumni community.

When she's not immersed in the world of space, Dr. Jen enjoys relaxing with movies, exploring different parts of the UK, and being bossed around by her cat!

Stargazing sessions

Dr Jenifer Millard can host stargazing sessions including guided tours of the night skies and observing using telescopes or binoculars.


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