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Harrow, Greater London, England

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Dr Chris Cowe is a professional research astronomer with a PhD in Astrophysics from Cambridge University with a wonderful ability to share his knowledge with a variety of audiences.

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PhD Astrophysics - Cambridge - Cosmology MMath - Cambridge - Galaxies,
Cosmology, Stellar Evolution, QFT
MPhys - Physics & Theoretical Astrophysics
Fellow of the RAS since 2009
Head of Astronomy, Rayleigh Observatory

Stargazing sessions

Dr Chris Crowe can host stargazing sessions including guided tours of the night skies and observing using telescopes or binoculars.


  • The Rayleigh Observatory
  • Royal Astronomical Society
  • Lectures

    Exploring our Amazing Universe

    Wonders of the Solar System

    Black Holes & Exploding Stars - The Cosmice Life Cycle

    Life in Space

    Cosmic Horizons

    Monster Black Holes

    Star Trek Astrophysics

    The Hubble Space Telescope - 25 Years of Discoveries

    Summer stargazing around the UK Coastline

    Search for life on distant planets

    Winter Stargazing around the UK Coastline

    Viking Stargazing & Astronavigation

    The Sounds of the Universe

    James Webb Space Telescope

    Journey to the Red Planet: Mars Unveiled

    A Journey to the Edge of the Universe

    A Journey into the Heart of our Star

    TEDx - Extraterrestrials - Why they're out there somewhere

    TEDx - Panspermia

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