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Astrospeakers has become the website where programme secretaries of UK astronomy clubs and societies can find and contact suitable speakers for their meetings. We now hold the number one spot on Goole for searches for “speakers on astronomy”. We are pleased with the current website but there is still a long way to go in developing the full functionality that is envisaged to make the site more user-friendly and self-sustaining. The rate of future development will depend on the support from users both in terms of visits to the site and financially.

The project has never been viewed as a money making venture, but as a benefit to the astronomical community and it is proposed that income earned, if any, will be used in improving the service. It is anticipated that use of the site will be free to speakers, programme secretaries and other visitors.

There are over 200 members of the Federation of Astronomical Societies listed on their website and the vast majority of those have regular lecture meetings with guest speakers. The programme secretary’s job is one of the most onerous on the committee and our aim is to make their job a little easier by facilitating contact with suitable speakers. Programme secretaries are invited to send us a link to details of their lecture schedule.

We are fortunate that there are many amateur and professional astronomers willing to give their time to preparing and delivering quality talks to Astronomy Clubs, schools and the wider public. Speakers are usually found through word of mouth, other societies or perhaps the FAS and now astrospeakers.org. Speakers are invited to email their details using the form provided which will then be uploaded to the site. Each speaker now has their own page and may provide additional information about themselves and their presentations and even include photographs.

  • Looking for a talk on astronomy in your local area
  • Looking for your local astronomical society
  • Looking for a talk on a specific aspect of astronomy (available at later date)
  • Looking for a talk by a particular speaker (available at later date)
  • Astrospeakers.org can help with all of the above

    Please support our project by:

  • Progamme secretaries, registering your society details
  • Speakers, registering your contact info and details of topics, etc.
  • Making members of the astronomical community aware of astrospeakers.org
  • Use the donation facility on the home page. Our time is freely given but there costs of maintaining the website.

Best regards,
Graham Winstanley and Glyn de Lacy

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